Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation wardrobe planning-fabric

As I mentioned previously, I'm attempting a mini-vacation wardrobe.  I want the overall feel to be vintage, but after reviewing my fabrics and patterns, it won't fit together like a perfect capsule.  I'm so jealous of the perfectly curated capsule wardrobes I see on polyvore.  If only I could have such great style.

So here's the fabrics I'd like to use:
I picked these up at a yard sale.  They're so fresh and summery looking.  I'm thinking bermuda shorts, or some high waisted shorter shorts.
A nice dark denim for some capri pants.
I bought this poly-cotton blend for another project and then never used it.  Tie front top, maybe?
This was pulled from my mom's stash, where it had rested for the last 20 odd years.  It's a lightweight denim and I have a ton of it.  I'm thinking a kitchy beach tote, and some shorts for the kiddo.  If I had the right pattern, it would make a rockin' playsuit.  But I've only got 3 weeks to work.
A nice lightweight twill from the same stash.  I'm thinking shorts of some kind.
I had to grab this awesome remnant from the sale table at Gaffney's.  Only problem is, there wasn't quite enough left for a dress.  Funky cover-up?  Novelty blouse?

I may have to buy some fabric to fill in the gaps, but this gives me a starting point.  Next, I'll discuss the patterns I plan to use.  Happy Sewing!

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