Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation wardrobe planning: patterns

While working on this beach wardrobe, I've been asking myself what types of activities I plan to do on this trip.  Plenty of beach and pool lounging, that's a given.  I'd also like to take a side trip to Ocracoke village and browse the quaint shops, have a nice grown up dinner with my husband, go horse spotting on the 4x4 beach, and maybe a bit of biking if I can get my bike in rideable condition before the trip.

So, I'm going to want a lot of shorts or capri pants.  To wear with those, I want something different from the tshirts and shapeless tanks I usually default to. 
I snatched up this Gertie pattern right when it came out months ago, but haven't made it yet.  Back when I was a teen, I loved tie-front tops.  Then years of fat shaming chipped away at my self confidence until I was hiding in huge, shapless tees.  I want to break out of this pattern of dressing.  And how cute are the pants!
I think this housedress, shortened a bit, would make an awesome swimsuit cover-up. This might be a good candidate for the retro novelty cotton, if there's enough.

Here are some candidates for shorts.  I love the look of the outfit in the original 1960's pattern, but I'm not sure if I can manage the alterations.  I've done a FBA, but haven't tinkered with pants patterns much.  So I may use the pattern on the bottom instead.  I may also make up some capri's with the Butterick pattern on top, but I have to cut that one down a size, since I made some earlier this summer that ended up so big I swam in them.  WTF is with all the ease in some patterns?
I'm also considering adding the modern McCall's shorts to the mix, because I like shorter shorts as well.

Dresses for date night/aimless browsing.  I've been wanting a maxi all summer.  Can't decide between doing the short sleeved or sleeveless version of the faux wrap one.
Tops:  I think I'm going to give the tank from this 1970's "seams slimmer" a try.  I also plan a couple tie front tops, maybe a sleeveless top from the plus size pattern referenced earlier, and a flowy peasant-y blouse like this:
That's all I got for now.  Happy sewing!

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